Local Activities

The Canton holds a variety of regularly scheduled activities which are all open to the public. For certain activities, special clothing or equipment may be required or you may require contacting the organizer ahead of time. Please refer to the specific activity information provided below for more information.

If you would like to organize an activity or take part in something that is not listed here, please contact the appropriate officer or the group Seneschal.

Also, see the Calontir Kingdom Calendar , for more activities and SCA events.

Canton Meetings

Populace Gathering
Our Canton holds weekly populace gatherings each Wednesday at 6:30pm. Our gatherings are generally informal, with members of the populace working on projects or chatting about the weekend’s events. While many of our members do wear garb, or medieval-style clothing, this is not required to attend one of our meetings.

Our weekly meeting location during the colder months of the year (October-May) rotates between the Ames Public Library and Oakwood Community Center. Please contact our Seneschal (gro.t1524316888oorde1524316888xa@la1524316888hcsen1524316888es1524316888 ) for the week’s meeting location. We also try to post to our Canton Announcements page with updated location information.

Fighter Practice
The rattan fighters of our Canton gather weekly to work on their techniques in Rattan Combat. The Canton has a collection of loaner armor and weapons available to new fighters. Please contact our Rattan Marshal to arrange for Loaner Gear to be available at a practice.

In addition to our own rattan fighter practice, the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui in Des Moines hosts a fighter practice on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm. Our fighters typically carpool, so a ride would be easy to arrange. Please contact our Rattan Marshal (gro.t1524316888oorde1524316888xa@la1524316888hsram1524316888 ) to arrange a carpool.

Lampworkers Group
There are a number of members of the Canton who are interested in Lampworking (working with torches to make glass beads and other glass items). The Lampworkers meet most Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:30p.m. at the home of Lord Amon and Lady Zaneta. Please contact them for the address and more information: gro.t1524316888oorde1524316888xa@gn1524316888ikrow1524316888pmal1524316888 .