Canton Officers

Below is a list of officers for the Canton of Axed Root. Feel free to contact them by email with any questions you have that are covered by their office. If you have a question that is not covered by an office listed below, contact the Seneschal.


Seneschal –
Master Vincent de Vere
The Seneschal’s duties include many of the duties of a President in other organizations. The Seneschal is the legal representative for the Canton and oversees public relations and contact with those outside the Society.


Chatelaine –
Vacant: Please contact the Seneschal for more information.
The Chatelaine is the Newcomer Coordinator for the Canton and is in charge of helping new members integrate themselves within the Society. The Chatelaine also maintains the Canton’s “Gold Key” collection (loaner items, such as garb or feast gear, for new members and guests).


Chancellor of the Exchequer –
Lord Giovanni Loredan
The Exchequer handles all financial matters for the Canton. Their duties include most of the same duties as Treasurers in other organizations.

Marshal –
Honorable Lord Visvamitra Yavana, known as Vim
The Marshal provides and oversees martial activities training for members of the Canton and coordinates loaner armor for the use of new fighters.


Minister of Arts and Sciences –
Lady Soma Tyrvadottir
The Minister of Arts & Sciences is responsible for promoting all aspects of arts and sciences (A&S), including period-inspired creativity, scholarly research, and authentic research. Encourages the use of Medieval and Renaissance skills for A&S projects.


Herald –
Vacant: Please contact the Seneschal for more information.
The Canton Herald assists populace with researching and registering their SCA names and armory (coat of arms). In addition, the Herald maintains a list of awards earned by members and a group Order of Precedence and makes announcements at tournaments and courts.


Chronicler –
Vacant: Please contact the Seneschal for more information.
The Chronicler coordinates the publication of the Copse, the Canton’s newsletter.


Webminister –
Lord Giovanni Loredan
The Webminister maintains and coordinates the internet presence of the Canton.