The Social Event of the Year

The Canton of Axed Root presents:

The Social Event of the Year!
May 2, 2015


Join the populace of Axed Root as we kick off the New Year (SCA-wise) in style! We wanted to provide a simple event to socialize and celebrate the new year. What better way than to have a blast!

Site Information and Directions
Location: Roland Area Community Center (208 N Main Street, Roland, Iowa 50236)
Directions: Google Map to Site
From the North, South, West: Take your best route to I-35 at Exit 123 just south of Story City, IA. Take Exit 123 off I-35, turning East onto County Route E-18 toward Roland, IA. Drive 3.1 miles East on E-18. Turn left onto North Main Street. The Community Center is on the right side of the street.
From the East: Take your best route to County Route E-18 near Roland, IA. Turn right onto North Main Street. The Community Center is on the right side of the street.

Site Fee: $5.00 (Minors under 10: Free)
Non-Member Surcharge: $5.00
Make Checks payable to: SCA, Inc. – Canton of Axed Root

Site Rules: Site is Discreetly Wet (Beer and Wine Only)

Beat and Greet
More information coming soon!

Meat and Greet (Veggies Welcome) – Bring something to join in the most social of feasts, the Pot Luck! For those interested in letting others know what they are planning to bring, we do have a sign-up sheet.

Toasting Competition – In the tradition of Toasting during a Feast, the Canton will be sponsoring a lively Toasting Competition during our Meat & Greet (Veggies Welcome) Potluck Lunch hour. In addition to the traditional toasts given in Calontir, we will be encouraging any who wish to give a toast to anything or anyone. Entries will be judged by a select panel of adjudicators who will be embedded in the Populace. Toasts will be limited to 1 minute. Should you prefer more time, you are welcome to redeem tokens for an additional 30 seconds each. Tokens may be purchased at Troll throughout the day. We wish to be entertained during our Potluck, so feel free to think outside the Box (or just blow it to pieces) when contemplating your entry.

Games Hour – Join us for a collection of games, medieval and whatnot!

A&S Competitions

Each of the Competitions will be judged by Populace Choice. At Troll, each member of the Populace will receive a set of beads. Using the beans, vote for your favorite entry in each category, making sure to match the color of the beads to the category. Should you have trouble choosing just one entry in each competition, tokens purchased at Troll may be redeemed for additional beads. The prizes for all the activities will be on display throughout the day.

Whimsical Blank Borders – With Whimsy and Games in mind, showoff your skill in the art of Calligraphy and Illumination! All submissions will be given to the Crown as Largess. Judging will be Populace Choice.

Peacock in Any Medium – As one of the most social birds, Peacocks are major showoffs. With them as your inspiration, showoff your best entry in any medium. Judging will be Populace Choice.

Un-Subtlety Competition – When it comes to the realm of the Kitchen, few items are more social than the Subtlety. With that in mind, showoff your most gossip-worthy subtlety. None of the entries will be taste-tested, so feel free to use whatever materials you like.


Fabulous Steward
Lord Giovanni Loredan
MKA Kyle Solberg

(No calls between 10am-4pm please)
Deputy Steward
Lord Amon Attwood
Beat and Greet Coordinator
Lord Zachariah Lochrie

Competitions Coordinator
Lady Susanna d’Arbe